The first thing I can say about myself is that I have been in love with storytelling, with a particular focus on writing and literature, since I was a small child. Books have been my friends for my entire life, and always will be. Most of what I studied in the fields of communication came natural because I was already familiar with some of the best examples that are out there.

Growing up I discovered my passion for technology. I dream of the potential we have in our hands, and I am positively frustrated by old and poor user interfaces. I think tech projects should not be afraid or ashamed of being ambitious and have dedicated an interesting part of my career to getting humanities and science to talk to each other again.

I’m an Italian/American born on the West Coast, raised in Rome (Italy), and now living on the East Coast. I have always attempted to strike a balance between two worlds, and travelling is in my nature.

If you are interested in my professional activities, take a look at my consulting page!