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I want to dedicate my posts to what I define “Viral Storytelling” – I wish to talk about narrative, its inherent characteristics and what makes it work and thrive.

The first thing I can say about myself is that I have been in love with storytelling since I was a small child.

Julia Dream is a sci-fi novel set in a dystopian future.

Professionally I like to think of myself as a gardener – I work with seeds of ideas so that they can grow and bloom.

Lifeline takes the storytelling atmosphere of 80 Days and injects it with extra emotional appeal by simulating a real-time conversation with our hero.

In Star Wars The Force Awakens along with quotes from the past, we find more diversity, and a new take on the classic Light/Dark Side dualism.

What I saw in Paris in the wake of November 13th.

If the South with its warm colors and bucolic landscapes evokes the concept of Beauty, the North calls upon the visionary power of the Sublime.

Wir haben Zeit, “we have time”. This simple phrase has become a symbol for the poetic of Arvo Pärt.

I didn’t wake up thinking I would write a post on 9/11. I don’t like anniversaries, especially not this one. And then I started writing.

The four cardinal points spell out ancient tales, with archetypes shared between many of the cultures of the Northern hemisphere.

The question sounds strange, I know. You would expect a “What is Europe”, not such a personal pronoun, who…

I had the honor of being interviewed by Homo Talent, a very interesting association dedicated to nurturing a culture of talent in the workplace.

My passion for the written word – literature, in its broadest sense – began when I discovered the magic of the alphabet.

A brief structural parenthesis on storytelling and an attempt to draw a line on when, narratives become toxic and unethical – something like a flat-out lie.

Even though Interstellar is on the whole a flawed movie, its atmosphere and mood deserve attention nonetheless.

The ABC of sci-fi is well known – Asimov, Bradbury, Clarke. Today I will concentrate on the A.

Vampires are popular. So why would we need yet another vampire movie now?

This post is a tribute to Fallingwater, possibly the most beautiful house ever built.

As authors, we’ve all heard that one before. You know how it goes: ‘any story that you can come up with has been told before’. Interesting.

My old Nokia phone had state-of-art user experience. Unmatched by any smartphone yet.

In the journey we embark in when admiring Magritte’s work, the artist is constantly warning us to look again, because what we see could well be a trick.

The ugly duckling has always been my favorite fairytale. It is different from other stories that are often cruel or violent.

Next time you read a book or watch a film, try this simple test.