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I want to dedicate my posts to what I define “Viral Storytelling” – I wish to talk about narrative, its inherent characteristics and what makes it work and thrive.

The first thing I can say about myself is that I have been in love with storytelling since I was a small child.

Julia Dream is a sci-fi novel set in a dystopian future.

Professionally I like to think of myself as a gardener – I work with seeds of ideas so that they can grow and bloom.

Aaron Swartz was a genius, a tech enfant prodige and champion of free circulation of information.

Firefly is a peculiar TV series under many points of view.

What’s so special about Pasta alla Carbonara? First, the taste. Then, its story.

Neil Gaiman’s novel American Gods is a book about America, first and foremost.

Lode all’Inviolato is a song expressing the transcendence of an unmentioned divine principle, and the immanence of the depth man can reach.

The nostos of ancient Greek literature considered the return voyage of the Greek heroes after the Trojan War; the most famous is certainly the Odyssey.

When we think of Easter, we probably think of eggs, chocolate and bunnies. The egg is an ancient symbol of Easter, with its strong metaphoric relevance.

5 years ago a violent earthquake struck l’Aquila, killing 309 people. This is the tragedy. Then there is the scandal.

I find simply wonderful the Street Art idea of liberating art from its conventional spaces (museums, galleries, etc.) to transport it in everyday life.

Some films keep on buzzing in our minds after the lights have gone out; Her is one of these.

This post is a love song for a concept, and idea, and my city. By now you should know I love Tolkien and Middle Earth, so my comparison should not shock you.

The outrageous biopic of a talented (albeit criminal) broker. I will focus on the portrayal that is given of Jordan Belfort’s tactics in action.

You can’t talk about music in the late 1900s without including Cage. Praise him or consider him a fraud, Cage is present.

I literally grew up watching Star Wars. Time and again. I couldn’t understand at the time what was so special, so captivating…

There is a narrative behind the process that led to Apple becoming an icon, an idea which became viral (slowly at first, then exponentially) because of its visionary strength.

Art prevails, because its ambiguity enables politically correct interpretations. Let’s consider the Ecstasy of Saint Teresa by Bernini.

It has been written that The Great Beauty points the finger at the empty parties of a decadent Rome. In my humble opinion, it is nothing so trivial.

Denis Diderot began working on his Encyclopédie in 1750; a proud rationalist, he dedicated most of his life to this visionary project.

I started visiting Middle Earth as a child, and haven’t stopped ever since. I first caught a glimpse of its shining towers and dark, dark pits thanks to my mother’s description..

We can’t expect to have specific understanding of storytelling without knowing how communication works.