star trek beyond actorsThis blog is a testament to my love for science fiction, with its posts dedicated to Asimov, the strengths of the original Star Wars series and an early review of The Force Awakens. The Star Trek franchise is really hard not to love if you are passionate about the genre, with its long history of presenting us with the possibility of a positive future, built through the socially responsible use of science and with the inclusion of diversity as a core value.

The United Federation of Planets is an important player of the Star Trek storyline, with its political relations with the Klingons and Romulans being an important backdrop for the choices of the crew of the Enterprise, with the captain typically facing a moral dilemma between the quickest solution to an imminent danger and upholding the principles of the Federation.

None of this is really present in Star Trek Beyond. It is not a bad movie, but it hardly feels like Star Trek at all. The very design of the Federation’s architecture is more reminiscent of Mass Effect than Star Trek. When earlier movies are referenced, it feels like an attempt to reassure the audience on what they are watching, rather than continue with an earlier storyline.

The name of the starship Enterprise isn’t enough on its own: it needs a soul.