Star Wars The Force AwakensI have spoken in the past about my love for Star Wars – I therefore couldn’t shy away now from writing about The Force Awakens, the new chapter of the saga that has excited generations of sci-fi lovers and introduced the concept of Space Opera.

I kept my expectations low. I walked into the movie theater holding on to the fact that it would be very difficult for these new installments to be worse than the disastrous prequels. I can’t deny that the idea of seeing familiar characters played by the same beloved actors after all this time prickled my expectations, but I did all my best to keep them at bay.

And I was not disappointed. Had I been more hopeful about Star Wars The Force Awakens, I believe I still would have been happy, because it is on the whole a good movie. J. J. Abrams reconnected to the spirit of the original series – if there is a flaw in the movie, it could be that it mirrors well-known original Star Wars dynamics maybe a little too closely, but it’s something that is very easy to forgive.

Along with quotes from the past, we find new and original elements; more diversity, and a new take on the classic Light/Dark Side dualism. Where the Dark Side used to be incredibly seducing and charismatic, intriguingly enough in The Force Awakens it is the Light Side that definitely looks more cool.

Without having to spoiler, we can safely say that the new generation of Siths are wannabes compared to the titanic figures of the Emperor and Darth Vader. Kylo Ren is a teenager throwing tantrums, and this explains why he has such a moronic lightsaber (with a laser hilt which would actually burn is hand in real life). But the Light Side… they are the masters now. When we finally get to see Luke Skywalker, he has all the charisma that you would expect from the man that is the natural heir of Yoda, Obi Wan and Darth Vader.

Finally, a note on the costumes: forget the crazy baroque foolishness of the prequel. Dress code in the galaxy far far away is back to basics, sober and functional. No face-painting, no elaborate hairstyles and no Jar Jar Binks in the way. The moments of humor are balanced: you get funny quips along with the epic and dramatic scenes, but not at the expense of the seriousness of the movie.
The Force Awakens will probably leave you wanting more. And with all the hype around the movie, that is an extremely good thing.